Issuing instructions for medical examinations

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

Visa officers, immigration officers and border services officers have the authority to issue medical instructions

Before issuing instructions, complete an integrated search for a valid immigration medical examination (IME) or an IME that may be eligible under the temporary public policy.

Instructions for visa and immigration officers

Provide the applicant with the GCMS-generated IMM 1017E and instructions. The client must undergo the medical examination within 30 days of receiving the instructions.

Note: Where a client has been granted dispensation to use a non-panel physician, the visa or immigration officer should issue an IMM 5419E along with the IMM 1017E. In this case, at the top of the IMM 1017E, the visa or immigration officer should add the comment: “Permission given to use a non-panel physician” and place a visa office stamp over the comment.

Instructions for border services officers

Provide the asylum seekers seeking refugee protection with instructions and remind the claimant that they must go for the medical examination within 30 days.

Clients also have the option to proceed with an upfront medical examination before submitting their application.

  • This is required for certain categories: see the application guide.
  • The panel physician will select the appropriate immigration category during the immigration medical examination.
  • Depending on whether the panel physician submits the medical files to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada on paper or electronically (eMedical), the applicant will receive a proof of completion of the upfront medical examination from the panel physician:
    • either the first page of the IMM 1017B-Upfront (“copy to client”) or
    • a printout from eMedical entitled “Up-front medical notification”

Applicants must attach this proof of upfront medical examination to their application prior to submitting it to the selected visa office.

Note: Panel physicians have the IMM 1017B – Upfront forms in their office. They should contact the regional medical office for restocking.

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