Temporary residents: Cancellation of a temporary resident visa

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

In cases where the officer determines that the visa was issued due to fraud or misrepresentation, the officer should advise the person, in writing, of their concern stating that the visa is invalid and that the passport with visa should be returned to the visa office. Once the visa officer has requested the return of the visa the person should be called  for interview to cancel the visa and to find the person inadmissible for misrepresentation under A40.

The letter should include a warning to the person that POEs in Canada have been advised the visa is invalid and they will be not be admitted to Canada.

Enter a note in CAIPS/GCMS explaining the circumstances and reasons for cancelling the visa. If the officer cancelling the visa does not work in the office that issued the visa, an e-mail providing complete details will need to be forwarded to the issuing visa office in order that appropriate notes may be entered into CAIPS/GCMS. The officer should also make an NCB entry in FOSS providing complete details to ensure information is made available to border services officiers.

If the individual enters Canada, inland immigration officers may initiate removal proceedings through an A44 report alleging that the person is inadmissible for misrepresentation under A40. (This approach is also open to officers at the POE, particularly in situations where the holder has been issued a multiple-entry visa.)

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