ARCHIVED – A description of the ethnic segregation/mixing within major Canadian metropolitan areas project

Uneven geographies of settlement and mapping individual immigrant and visible minority groups

One of the challenges associated with undertaking a mapping exercise for immigrant and visible minority groups across a range of cities is that in many cases some groups are far more present in some cities than others. For example, Haitian immigrants are a large and important community in Montréal but in every other city their numbers are tiny. The project has endeavored to examine the groups that are the most numerically significant in each city rather than simply depict a limited number of groups in each city regardless of their numerical size or relative importance. This means, however, that the groups mapped often change dramatically from city to city, and this poses some challenges when making inter-urban comparisons. Table 2 lists the immigrant, recent immigrant and visible minority groups that are mapped for each city.

Table 2: Immigrant (Total and Recent) and Visible Minority Groups Mapped by City
  Top Five Immigrant Groups
Toronto Indian British Italian Chinese Hong Kong
Montréal Italian Haitian French Lebanese Greek
Vancouver Chinese Hong Kong British Indian Filipino
Ottawa – Gatineau British Chinese Lebanese American Italian
Calgary British Chinese Indian Filipino Vietnamese
Edmonton British Chinese Indian Filipino Polish
Winnipeg Filipino British Polish German Indian
Hamilton British Italian Polish Portuguese Dutch
  Top Five Recent Immigrant Groups
Toronto Chinese Indian Pakistani Filipino Sri Lankan
Montréal Algerian Chinese French Haitian Moroccan
Vancouver Chinese Taiwan Hong Kong Indian Filipino
Ottawa – Gatineau Chinese Indian Iranian Somali Yugoslav
Calgary Chinese Indian Filipino Pakistani British
Edmonton Indian Filipino Chinese * *
Winnipeg Filipino Indian * * *
Hamilton Yugoslav Chinese Indian Bosnian Iraqi
  * Insufficient population size
  Visible Minority Groups
Toronto S. Asian Chinese Black Filipino Latin American
Montréal Black Arab S. Asian Latin American Chinese
Vancouver Chinese S. Asian Filipino Korean Southeast Asian
Ottawa – Gatineau Black Chinese Arab S. Asian Southeast Asian
Calgary Chinese S. Asian Filipino Black Southeast Asian
Edmonton Chinese S. Asian Filipino Black Southeast Asian
Winnipeg Filipino S. Asian Black Chinese Southeast Asian
Hamilton S. Asian Black Chinese Filipino Latin American

Note: For every city, “Total Visible Minority” and “Non-Visible Minority” Population maps are also included.

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