The new IRCC ATIP consent form

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IRCC ATIP Consent Form Infographic (PDF, 1.98 MB)

Graphic of The new IRCC ATIP Consent Form described below
Text version: The new IRCC ATIP consent form

Submitting a properly completed consent form with your request helps to prevent delays.

Simple two-step process

Provide information about who the requester is in section 1. Provide information about whose information is being requested (i.e. family members, spouse, and children) in section 2.

Up to four people can now be included on a single form.

Consent now valid for one year

The same consent form can now be submitted with each new ATIP request.

The new requirements

Consent for children under 16

Both parents have to approve the release of their children’s info (under 16). Provide the minors’ information in section 2. They are not required to sign the form.

  • ensure this form is signed by both parents OR
  • submit separate forms from each parent, listing the minor’s information on each form OR
  • submit a signed form from one parent, and a valid Canadian court order (proof of custody)

Signature and date

To safeguard against fraudulent forms, only original signatures signed in BLUE will be accepted.

No electronic signatures. Make sure the applicant includes the date of the signature.

Scanning tips if you submit online

A colour scan in good resolution (300 dpi and up) OR taking a close and well-lit snapshot of the form with your smartphone camera will help ensure your form is accepted.

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