AGRI - Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food - May 22, 2020

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Table of Contents

Opening Remarks

Top Issues

  1. Temporary Foreign Workers
  2. Mexico Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program
  3. Agriculture Workers
  4. Outbreaks
  5. Travel Restrictions and Exemptions
  6. Asylum Claimants and Border Restrictions
  7. 2020-2022 Multi-Year Levels Plan

Other Programs

  1. Working with Provinces and Territories to Fill Labour Market Demand
  2. Regulations with the Quarantine Act
  3. Vulnerable Populations
  4. Agri-Food Pilot
  5. Seafood Workers
  6. Out-of-Status Construction Workers Public Policy
  7. Settlement Services
  8. International Students
  9. Caregiver Programs
  10. Continued Operation in Other Economic Streams
  11. Citizenship Certificates and Ceremonies
  12. Sponsorship of Parents and Grandparents


  1. Key IRCC Data
  2. Placemat – Processing Times and Inventories
  3. Difference Between TFWP & IMP
  4. National Occupational Classification Skill Levels
  5. Summary of Orders in Council
  6. CBSA's QP Note: Denials of Entry – TFW
  7. Parliamentary Context
  8. Member Biographies
  9. ESDC Note - Canada Summer Job 2020

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