CACN - Levels 2020 - Weekly Dashboard - Nov 16, 2020

For MIN-DM November 12. 2020

Prepared by OPP-DART

Data as of November 07, 2020

1 - Inventory snapshot

There are 430k persons in the processing inventory.

Currently have 10.0k (2%) nearly ready to finalize.

Inventory type Processing Inventory Nearly Finalized
Economic 184k 5.5k
Family 104k 1.2k
Protected Persons 112k 3.2k
H&C & Other 19k 0.1k

Note: Excludes paper applications still in the Mail-Room and apps not yet completeness checked.

2 - Production Snapshot

Final decisions

Week ending on: Current year Last year
Sep 5 4.5k 8.7k
Sep 12 3.8k 8.7k
Sep 19 5.3k 9.0k
Sep 26 5.9k 7.1k
Oct 3 6.5k 10.3k
Oct 10 6.4k 6.8k
Oct 17 5.7k 6.2k
Oct 24 7.1k 6.5k
Oct 31 7.5k 7.5k
Nov 7 7.4k 8.3k

3 - Production by Key LoBs

Final decisions:

This week: 104%
Last week: 111%

Line of Business % of output compared to Last 4 Week Average of Last Year
Total 104%
Federal High Skilled 92%
Provincial Nominees 220%
Atlantic and Caregiver 36%
Quebec Economic 57%
Spouses, Partners & Children 95%
Parents and Grandparents 81%
Protected Persons in Canada 727%
GAR & BVOR 87%
Privately Sponsored Refugees 58%
H&C & Other 64%

4 - Production (Final Decisions)

To date, 76% of the 2020 target (258.5K) has been met at 85% of the year.

Line of Business Final Decisions YTD 2020 Target
Total 197.7k 258.5k
Federal High Skilled 48.5k 66.5k
Provincial Nominees 37.4k 50.7k
Atlantic and Caregiver 5.4k 6.9k
Quebec Economic 12.1k 14.9k
Spouses, Partners & Children 37.3k 49.3k
Parents and Grandparents 10.2k 10.9k
Protected Persons in Canada 18.1k 23.6k
GAR & BVOR 5.8k 9.7k
Privately Sponsored Refugees 14.6k 15.9k
H&C & Other 11.6k 10.0k

5 - Production Considerations

Target barriers

There are still barriers outside of IRCC’s control impeding finalization of applications:


6 - Approved Clients

Currently, 43.5k persons approved for landing. Of the 37.0k overseas clients, only 10.5k (28%) are ‘eligible to land’, the rest (72%) are ineligible due to ongoing border restrictions and/or do not yet have CoPR.

Line of Business Can Land Footnote * Cannot Land Total
Economic 7.5k 17.5k 25.0k
Family 6.9k 5.5k 12.4k
Protected Persons 2.6k 3.4k 6.0k
H&C & Other 0.0k 0.0k 0.0k

7 - Admissions Snapshot

Week ending on: Current year Last year
Sep 5 2.7k 7.3k
Sep 12 2.7k 9.4k
Sep 19 4.6k 8.7k
Sep 26 3.6k 8.6k
Oct 3 3.4k 8.5k
Oct 10 3.4k 7.8k
Oct 17 2.8k 6.0k
Oct 24 3.7k 6.0k
Oct 31 3.7k 6.2k
Nov 7 4.0k 6.1k

8 - Admission Projection YTD by Immigration Class

2020 Admissions are projected to be between 175k to 195k.

Overall 48% at 85% of the year.

Immigration Class Actual 2020
Percentage of target Current Projected High Projected Low Target Target High Target Low
Overall 48% 162k 195k 175k 341k 370k 320k
Economic 50% 97k 116k 104k 195k 211k 186k
Family 45% 41k 51k 46k 91k 96k 85k
Resettled Refugees & Protected Persons 42% 21k 25k 23k 50k 56k 45k
H&C & Other 66% 3.0k 3.1k 2.7k 4.5k 5.0k 4.0k

9 - Admissions YTD by Key LoBs

Overall 48% of the 2020 target (341k) met at 85% of the year.

Key LoBs Actual 2020
Percentage of target Current Projected High Projected Low Target Target High Target Low
Federal High Skilled 50% 45.8k 55k 49k 91.8k 100.0k 88.5k
Provincial Nominees 52% 35.1k 41k 38k 67.8k 7.0k 65.5k
Atlantic and Caregiver 42% 4.3k 5k 4k 10.2k 11.7k 7.1k
Quebec Economic 46% 11.6k 14k 12k 25.3k 25.6k 24.9k
Spouses, Partners & Children 45% 31.8k 40k 36k 70.0k 72.0k 65.5k
Parents and Grandparents 44% 9.3k 11k 10k 21.0k 24.0k 19.0k
Protected Persons in Canada 77% 13.8k 16k 15k 18.0k 23.0k 17.5k
GAR & BVOR 26% 3.1k 4.4k 4.0k 11.7k 12.5k 10.8k
Privately Sponsored Refugees 21% 4.1k 5.0k 5.0k 20.0k 20.5k 16.7k
H&C & Other 66% 3.0k 3.1k 3.1k 4.5k 5.0k 4.0k
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