CACN - Special Committee on Canada-China Relations – Nov 16 2021

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Table of Contents

Opening Remarks

Hong Kong - Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

  1. Situation in Hong Kong
  2. Hong Kong Visa Policy and Sanctions
  3. Facilitation Measures Based on Existing Programs
  4. Protection Measures for Hong Kong Residents
  5. Measures for Hong Kong Youth and Students
  6. Canada's Resettlement Program
  7. Family Reunification and Compassionate Exemptions

Hong Kong – Global Affairs Canada

  1. Canada-China Key Messages
  2. Canada-Hong Kong Bilateral Relations
  3. China Consular Cases


  1. Impact on Processing
  2. Innovations in Lines of Business
  3. Continued Operation in Other Economic Streams
  4. IRCC's Reintegration Planning

Reference Materials

  1. Parliamentary Context
  2. Member Biographies
  3. Correspondence from Members and Immigration Critics
  4. Data Dashboard
  5. Placemat – Alignment with Five Eyes
  6. Placemat – Hong Kong Situation Update
  7. Key Statistics
  8. IRCC & China Profile
  9. Q&A Package
  10. 2021-2023 Multi-Year Levels Plan

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