CIMM – Caregivers - June 2, 2021

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Key messages

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If pressed on vulnerability cases and issues:


COVID impacts on jobs and job offers

Caregivers on occupation-restricted open work permits

Caregivers on employer-specific work permits

Income Support – impacts on permanent residence goals

Time not working – impact on permanent residence goals

Caregiver pilot processing times

Public Policy and Ministerial Instructions

Cap on applications under the pilots

Inclusion of caregiving occupations in the recently launched Temporary Pathway to Permanent Residence

Differences in language proficiency requirement between the new Pathway and Caregiving Pilots (Responsive)

Hiring caregivers as temporary foreign workers

Personal support workers and caregivers working in long-term care facilities

Transition pathway versus permanent residence on arrival

Supporting facts and figures


Eligibility requirements (including language proficiency)

Addressing vulnerabilities

Table: Reference on family members for caregiver streams
Caregiver Stream Family members able to accompany the applicant to Canada?
Temporary Resident Permanent Resident
Live-in Caregiver Program (1992-2014) NoFootnote * – Family separation prolonged given no provisions available for family members to accompany applicant to Canada.   Yes – Family members able to join applicant in Canada once caregiver approved for permanent residence.
Interim Pathway for Caregivers (2019)
2014 Caregiver Pilots
Caring for Children
Caring for People with High Medical Needs
2019 Caregiver Pilots
Home Child Care Provider
Home Support Worker
Yes -- Family members are eligible to come with the applicant to Canada once applicant is approved for the work permit associated with these pathways.  Family members provided with open work/study permits. Yes – For caregivers applying directly for permanent residence (already acquired the necessary work experience), family members are eligible to join applicant in Canada once caregiver is approved for permanent residence.

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