CIMM - Family Reunification and Compassionate Exemptions - June 2, 2021

Key messages

Parents and Grandparents Program

If pressed on immigration pathways for older adults and seniors:

If pressed on approvals to date:

If pressed on the fairness of the Parents and Grandparents Program random selection model:

If pressed on why Canada’s family class immigration is “narrow”:


COVID-19 Border Closure Measures: Orders in Council

The Orders in Council include:

Measures within the border closure orders that support family reunification

If pressed on process for clients in an exclusive dating relationship:

Processing of requests for exemptions under the Orders in Council
Processing applications in the Family Reunification Program

Parents and Grandparents Program

Temporary resident visa issuance to spousal applicants and Dual intent

Private Member’s Bill C-291

Pre-IRPA Assisted Relative Class (If pressed on why Canada’s family class immigration is “narrow”):

Immediate vs Extended Family Definitions in the Orders in Council under the Quarantine Act

The definition of immediate family members set out in the orders are broader than the definition of family members in subsection 1(3) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. The definitions in the orders in councils are outlined below.
Immediate family members in respect of a person are:

Extended family members in respect of a Canadian citizen, person registered as an Indian under the Indian Act or permanent resident are:

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