CIMM – Quebec Immigration – March 3, 2022

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Key Messages

Supplementary Messages

Canada-Quebec Accord: Federal grant to Quebec

Responsive – Federal grant

Resettlement and asylum

Responsive – Irregular migrants at the border

Responsive – Refugee resettlement and Afghan commitments

Responsive – Temporary public policy to grant permanent residence to certain foreign nationals selected by Quebec working in the health care sector during the COVID-19 pandemic (Guardian Angels)

Responsive – Working with the U.S. to modernize the Safe Third Country Agreement

Responsive – Family reunification

Permanent residence

Responsive – Processing times

Temporary residents

Responsive – Temporary foreign workers

Responsive – Reported allegations of unethical recruitment of Indian students destined to Quebec

Responsive – International students from Francophone African countries

Supporting Facts and Figures

Grant under the Canada-Quebec Accord

Quebec skilled workers

Quebec’s 2022 levels plan

Meeting Quebec’s 2021 level plan

Afghan refugee resettlement

Asylum seekers


Canada-Quebec Accord: Roles and responsibilities

Settlement and integration services

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