CIMM - Hong Kong Measures - Mar 8, 2021

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Key messages

Supplementary messages

Measures for Hong Kong youth and students

[If pressed on the delay in implementing the Open Work Permit]

[If questioned about the participation of Quebec]

Protection measures for Hong Kong residents

[If pressed on removals to Hong Kong]

[If pressed about recent developments regarding the non-recognition of the British National (Overseas) passport]

[If pressed about recent developments regarding dual nationals]

[If pressed on potential measures for Uighurs]

Immediate measures for Hong Kong human rights defenders at risk

[If pressed about comparisons to Canadian measures in response to Tiananmen Square]

[If pressed about additional measures in light of recent developments]

CACN Report recommendations

Recommendation 7

That the Government of Canada expand the family class program to facilitate reunification of Canadians with extended family members in Hong Kong.

[If pressed on expanding the family class program]

Recommendation 8

That the Government of Canada consider how to best expedite asylum claims made by Hong Kong people involved in the pro-democracy movement.

[If pressed about speeding up asylum and resettlement processing]

Recommendation 9

That the Government of Canada ensure that no one will be disqualified from making an asylum claim or availing themselves of immigration routes to Canada because they have been charged with offences associated with the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. This exemption should also apply to charges resulting from the exercise of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, as embodied in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

[If pressed on criminal admissibility to Canada]

Recommendation 10

That the Government of Canada consider issuing travel documents to facilitate the safe and immediate exit from Hong Kong of pro-democracy activists.

[If pressed on travel documents or temporary residence permits for human rights defenders]

If warranted, temporary residence permits (formerly referred to as Ministerial Permits) are an existing measure that can be used in exceptional circumstances, which are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Facilitative measures based on existing programs and application trends

Supporting facts and figures

Application volumes for Hong Kong SAR or British National (Overseas) passport holders


National Security Law and Canada’s response

Quebec Government and Hong Kong measures

Measures for human rights defenders at risk

Criminal Inadmissibility outside Canada

Response from international partners

Travel restrictions

Canadians and Canadian permanent residents residing in Hong Kong

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