CIMM - Resettled Refugees (including Privately Sponsored Refugees)

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“Climate Change Refugees” (not a UNHCR endorsed term)

Human Rights Defenders Stream

Supporting Facts and Figures

Resettled Refugee Processing TimesFootnote * by Stream in 2019
Refugee Stream Processing Time (Months) 2019
Blended Visa Office Referred 13.9
Government-Assisted Refugees 15.2
Privately Sponsored Refugees 23




Resettlement Supports to Yazidis/Survivors of Daesh in Canada

Climate Migrants and Displacement

Privately Sponsored Refugees

Private Sponsorship of Refugees Processing Times

Groups of Five and Community Sponsors

Caps on Sponsorship Agreement Holders or the Refugee Status Determination requirement:

Human Rights Defenders Stream

Government-Assisted Refugees

Blended Visa Office-Referred Refugees

Why the targets for this stream are not met:

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