International Migration Capacity Building Program

Terms and Conditions

Program Name: International Migration Capacity Building Program
Category: Grant
Department: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Last Updated: February 14, 2023

1. Authority

1.1 The Department of Citizenship and Immigration Act (the Act) establishes the Department of Citizenship and Immigration (also known as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, and referred to in the document as “the Department”). Sections 4 and 5 of the Act sets out the powers, duties and functions of the Minister.

1.2 The Department derives its legal authority for its programs from the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), the Citizenship Act and the Canadian Passport Order. The International Migration Capacity Building Program (IMCBP) directly contributes to several objectives of the Department’s programs, including:

  1. furthering the domestic and international interests of Canada (IRPA Section 3 (3) a); and,
  2. facilitating the cooperation between the Government of Canada, provincial governments, foreign states, international organizations and non-governmental organizations (IRPA Section 3 (3) c).

1.3 The IMCBP derives its policy authority directly from the Department’s mandate, “IRCC and its partners will build a stronger Canada by advancing global migration policies in a way that supports Canada’s immigration and humanitarian objectives.”

2. Purpose and Objective

2.1 The purpose of the IMCBP is to provide funding to eligible grant beneficiaries for initiatives that advance global migration policies and programs, in support of Canada’s migration and humanitarian objectives.

2.2 The objective of the IMCBP is to support the development of well-managed migration systems that facilitate safe, orderly and regular migration through:

  1. the advancement of capacity building efforts; and,
  2. an increase in the development and exchange of migration-related information and expertise.

2.3 The IMCBP will align with standard qualitative as well as, results-based measurement (RBM) practices, such as the inclusion of outcomes, indicators, and targets. These performance measures will assess the effectiveness of initiatives to contribute to:

  1. strengthening migration and refugee protection systems in sending, transit and receiving countries;
  2. facilitating safe, orderly and regular migration, while deterring irregular migration; and,
  3. promoting open, evidence-based discourse on migration and refugee issues.

3. Eligible Projects

Eligible projects under the IMCBP must be related to international and intergovernmental forums concerning migration or to capacity-building efforts through initiatives such as policy development, research, technical support and other international migration-related activities pertaining to the IMCBP objectives set out in section 2.

4. Eligible Recipients

Eligible recipients under these terms and conditions are

* As eligible grant beneficiaries, will not be subject to recoveries.

5. Eligible Expenditures

5.1 Eligible expenditures that can be included in the grant beneficiary’s proposal must be directly linked to the funded activities’ objectives and may include, the following expenditures that are determined to be reasonable, for example:

5.2 Ineligible expenditures would include those which:

  1. primarily benefit other private-sector commercial interests;
  2. constitute statutorily mandated operational responsibilities already covered in the fiscal framework of Government of Canada federal departments, agencies, and Crown Corporations; and,
  3. involve the participation of Canadian federal officials in training and development activities for the primary purposes of their individual career development.

6. Application Requirements

6.1 The Department requires that an applicant requesting funding, as an eligible grant beneficiary through the IMCBP, submit the following (this subsection is not applicable to membership costs paid for international and intergovernmental migration-related forums):

  1. a detailed proposal with information including, but not limited to, a description of objectives, planned activities, how these activities will contribute to the expected results of the initiative, alignment with Government of Canada and Departmental priorities, and a project risk assessment;
  2. an estimated budget, that will include details about funding from other sources, as well as support for the same activities outlined in the proposal to the IMCBP. This support will include funding or in-kind support from:
    • Government agencies from all sources (i.e. federal, provincial, municipal);
    • international development organizations;
    • other donor countries;
    • regional institutions;
    • individuals, and,
    • the private sector;
  3. supplementary information deemed essential to properly monitor or assess the proposal and the grant beneficiary;
  4. disclosure of the names of persons on the organization’s Board of Directors and of any former public servants associated with the proposal; and,
  5. other reporting required to comply with multi-year funding requirements.

6.2 The Department may also require applicants to submit additional information to assess the level of risk associated with the initiative and the grant beneficiary.

7. Reporting Requirements

Grant beneficiaries are required to report back to the Department. Reporting may include, the submission of progress reports, and the completion of annual narrative reports containing final outcomes and results achieved against the objectives of the initiative. This Section is not applicable to membership costs paid for international and intergovernmental migration-related forums.

8. Determination of Grant Amount

The Department will ensure that the grant provided is the minimal amount required to achieve the expected results of the initiative. The following factors will also be considered:

  1. Level of IMCBP funds available;
  2. Stacking limit of the IMCBP; and,
  3. Other available sources of funds the recipient may have access to

9. Basis of Payment

The IMCBP is classified as a grant program and as such, single or multi-year payments will be provided, ensuring that a grant in excess of $250,000 is paid in instalments, unless the full amount is required in a single payment to meet the objectives of the grant.

10. Maximum Amount Payable

The maximum amount payable to all eligible recipients for a specific project under the class of grant is $10,000,000 for year-long or $25,000,000 for multi-year projects.

11. Stacking Limits

11.1 The IMCBP requires that a grant beneficiary discloses as part of its proposal, and during the life cycle of an initiative, all confirmed sources of funding or in-kind participation for activities, from Government agencies from all sources (i.e. federal, provincial, and municipal). This subsection is not applicable to membership costs paid for international and intergovernmental migration-related forums.

11.2 Total Canadian government assistance from all sources (i.e. federal, provincial, municipal) shall be a maximum of 100% of eligible costs. Total Canadian government assistance includes grants, contributions, and any other assistance (e.g. non-monetary/in-kind contributions).

12. Official Languages

Although the program may fund Canada-based recipients, the nature of the activities funded through the IMCBP has no direct impact on Canadian society as per Part VII of the Official Languages Act and therefore, the program does not support activities that directly benefit members of both official languages communities.

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