IRCC Minister Transition Binder 2019: Client Service


IRCC Website – A First Stop for Clients

These were the top possible areas of improvement related to the website that were identified in the client satisfaction survey:

Chatbot and Social Media

Artificial intelligence can be an effective “force multiplier” but it takes time and resources to train artificial intelligence agents to answer questions correctly.

Chat Bot

Social Media

Letter, Phone and Email Enquiries are Growing

The Client Support Centre receives more requests for support than it can respond to. Many clients who find answers on our website still want reassurance from an agent either in person or over the phone.


All written correspondence addressed to the Minister is tracked and monitored. Over the last four years, ministerial replies to such correspondence have increased by 159%, from 10,400 to 26,900 replies. This increase has been absorbed with limited impact due to the adoption of new lean principles.

Phone enquiries

IRCC has a dedicated Client Support Centre in Montréal that provides telephone support to in-Canada applicants as well as a 24/7 self-serve interactive voice response telephone system. However, it receives more calls than it can answer.

Email enquiries

Visa Application Centres – Overseas In-Person Support

Other Methods of Enquiries

Access to Information or Privacy Requests

Ministerial Centre for Members of Parliament and Senators

More constituents are asking Members of Parliament and Senators for help to understand the status of their case, or expedite them.

Client Support Innovation and Improvements

Key Takeaways

IRCC’s two greatest client support challenges

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