IRCC Minister Transition Binder 2019: Federal/Provincial/Territorial and International Relations


Federal/Provincial/Territorial Relations

IRCC engages provinces and territories multilaterally through the Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration, while bilateral engagement is guided by legally-binding bilateral agreements.

Provinces and territories have been focused on a broad range of immigration issues including:

Multilateral International Engagement

IRCC conducts multilateral international engagement through various forums to support our mandate, including the resettlement of refugees, to identify collective solutions to global challenges, and to promote a positive narrative on migration.

Five Eyes

Migration Five:

United Nations organizations

United Nations Refugee Agency:

International Organization for Migration:

Intergovernmental Consultations on Migration, Asylum and Refugees

Bilateral International Engagement

Bilateral international engagement allows IRCC to address migration issues that are specific to its relationship with another country, learn from other countries’ experiences, and share information about Canada’s model of migration.

Examples of IRCC’s bilateral engagement include:

Bilateral Relations with the United States

IRCC has a strong and longstanding relationship with United States counterparts, regularly collaborating on issues relating to border security, information-sharing and asylum in the North American perimeter.

Northbound irregular migration at the Canada-U.S. border has become a leading driver of Canada-U.S. engagement:

Other key areas of collaboration include:

The Safe Third Country Agreement, including Canada’s designation of the U.S. as a safe third country, is currently being litigated before the Federal Court, although a decision by the Court is not expected imminently.

International Capacity-Building

Through capacity-building, IRCC helps countries develop tools and policies to manage migration and deal with migration challenges. These efforts support our departmental mandate, promote safe and orderly migration, and support the deterrence of irregular migration.

Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative

International Migration Capacity Building Program

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