IRCC Minister Transition Binder 2021: Client Service


IRCC strives for a culture of service excellence, ensures employees have access to client insights, acts to understand what is behind client behaviour, facilitates direct access to clients to better understand their needs, and makes sure all clients have access to services.

Client Service Resources

IRCC provides a wide range of services depending on client needs

General Information

Personalized Information

Online Resources – Quick Answers for Clients

Website – the first stop for clients

Social Media

Quaid – chatbot

With hundreds of millions of web visits a year and hundreds of thousands of client questions answered using social media and an artificial intelligence agent, clients can easily and quickly get answers they need.

Phone and Email Enquires are Growing

Client Support Centre

In 2020-2021

While temporary funding has enabled the Client Support Centre to maintain staff levels, it continues to receive more requests than it can respond to.

Pandemic Impact

Parliamentarian Enquiries

The number of parliamentarian enquiries is also increasing. More constituents are asking Members of Parliament and Senators for help to understand the status of their case, or expedite them.

In Q1 of 2021-2022, the Information Centre responded to over 53,000 constituent case enquiries, on par with highest totals from recent years.

In Person – Client Support in Canada

Domestic Network locations

Service Canada locations

Pandemic Impact

In Person – Client Support Overseas

Visa application centres

164 locations in 108 countries

Pandemic Impact

Other Methods of Enquiries – High Volumes

Access to Information or Privacy Requests (ATIP)

Ministerial Correspondence

Given the large volume of ATIP requests, the Department is improving ATIP client experience by enhancing readily accessible information

Client Service Improvements – The Future

Digital Platform Modernization

Client Support Centre

IRCC online

Clients have told us that some of their top areas for service improvement for the Department include improving the usability of the website and providing more information on the status of their applications.

Key Takeaways

IRCC’s two greatest client support challenges are:

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