IRCC Minister Transition Binder 2021 – Sean Fraser P.C., M.P.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to IRCC

  1. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Departmental Overview
  2. Immigrant Outcomes
  3. Public Opinion Research on Canadians’ Attitudes Towards Immigration
  4. Federal-Provincial-Territorial and International Relations
  5. Overview: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

2. Fundamental Briefs

  1. Permanent Immigration: Immigration Levels Planning
  2. COVID-19 Measures – Borders and Operational Challenges
  3. Proof of Vaccine Credentials
  4. Family Reunification
  5. Refugee Resettlement
  6. Canada’s Asylum System
  7. Economic Immigration
  8. Temporary Immigration: How Visitors Come to Canada
  9. Temporary Workers
  10. International Students
  11. Francophone Immigration Outside Quebec
  12. Settlement and Integration
  13. Citizenship and International Experience Canada
  14. Passport Program
  15. Immigration and Citizenship Consultants: Implementation of a New Governance Regime
  16. Digital Platform Modernization and Transformation at IRCC
  17. Client Service
  18. Risk Management and Program Integrity in the Operations Sector
  19. Towards an Inclusive Canada
  20. Migration Health
  21. Fees, Revenues and Reporting

3. Logistical & Corporate Overview

  1. Biographies
  2. Logistics and Reference Information

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