IRCC Minister Transition Binder 2021: COVID-19 Measures – Borders and Operational Challenges


Orders in Council

Prohibition of Entry into Canada from the United States (U.S. OIC)

Prohibition of Entry Into Canada from any Country Other than the United States (Non-U.S. OIC)

Quarantine, Isolation, and Other Obligations (QIOO OIC)



Public Health Agency of Canada

Canada Border Service Agency

Transport Canada

Canadian Heritage

National Interest Exemptions

Phased Border Reopening  

To date, Canada has approached border reopening in a phased manner and is currently operating in Phase 3.

Phase One – July 5

Phase Two – August 9

Phase Three – September 7

Transport Canada Vaccine Mandate

IRCC’s Key Areas of Focus Moving Forward

IRCC’s key areas of focus for border management and operations include:

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