IRCC Minister Transition Binder 2021: Economic Immigration


Economic Immigration Class: Projected Admissions

Scope of Impact

Current Programs

Core Programs

Pilot Programs and Targeted Measures

Core Programs at a Glance

Federal Programs


Federal Skilled Worker Program:

Federal Skilled Trades programs:

Canadian Experience Class:

Start-Up Visa Program:

Self-Employed Program:

Regional Programs


Provincial Nominee Programs (comprised of 80+ streams):

Pilot Programs and Targeted Measures at a Glance


Atlantic Immigration Pilot (2017-2021):

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (2019-2024):

Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (2021-2023):

Sectoral, Occupational

Caregivers (2019-2024):

Agri-Food Immigration Pilot (2020-2023):


Temporary Pathway to Permanent Residence (May to November 2021):

Total applications:

Express Entry

Express Entry Pool

Candidates who meet the minimum entry criteria of a core program are entered into the Express Entry pool (current pool size is close to 170,000 candidates).

Candidates are awarded points based on their profile and ranked by the Comprehensive Ranking SystemFootnote2 which awards points, including for human capital factors.

Candidates with the highest rankings – those best positioned for economic success – are invited to apply during rounds of invitations (generally every two weeks).

Recent Developments

Higher Economic Immigration

Higher Transitions to Permanent Residence

Pandemic-Related Challenges

New Pilot Programs and Targeted Measures

Key Takeaways

“Canada has not only the largest in terms of numbers, but also the most elaborate and longest-standing skilled labour migration system in the OECD.” - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, July 2019.

Annex – Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

The total number of points available within the Comprehensive Ranking System is 1200.

Human Capital: A maximum of up to 600 points assigned based on the following human capital characteristics.

Additional points: A maximum of 600 points assigned based on ability to contribute to defined policy priorities.

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