IRCC Minister Transition Binder 2021: Logistics and Reference Information


This presentation will provide you with logistical and reference information to assist you with gaining a high-level understanding of key corporate services and responsibilities:

  1. Security - Practices and protocols
  2. Corporate Services - Services available to you and your office
  3. Access to Information and Privacy - Overview of the acts and recent statistics
  4. Proactive Disclosure - New requirements and progress to date
  5. Managing information - Duty to maintain records
  6. Financial Authorities - Delegation of Spending and Financial Authorities requirements
  7. Governor in Council Appointments - Roles and responsibilities

Security: Safeguards in Place for your Safety

IRCC Corporate Security and the RCMP

Corporate services at your disposal


Briefings Unit

Parliamentary Affairs Unit

Ministerial Enquiries Division (MED) – Ministerial Correspondence

MED provides 97.5% of the answers sent directly to clients and correspondents (nearly 27,000 last year). Most of these (about 80%) are case enquires from IRCC clients.

Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP)

Access to Information Act

Privacy Act

Both Acts are subject to limitations in terms of information that may be disclosed

Areas of focus for the IRCC ATIP Division include:

Proactive Disclosure

Since 2019, all federal departments must publish the following materials online:

Departments must also proactively publish other components according to timelines:

Names and titles of ministerial staff are not considered personal information and will be disclosed through access to information requests.

Managing Information

Electronic Documents

Paper Documents

Classified and Designated Information

ATIP & Litigation

MS Teams

Personal Email Address

Financial Authorities

Immediate requirements

As per the Treasury Board Directive on Delegation of Spending and Financial Authorities requirements, we will send you the Departmental Delegation of Spending and Financial Authorities Instrument within 90 calendar days of your appointment for your approval.

Governor in Council Appointments

Appointment Requirements

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