IRCC Minister Transition Binder 2021: Risk Management & Program Integrity in the Operations Sector

Risk Management & Program Integrity: Overview

Principles of Managing Risk & Program Integrity

Risk Management & Program Integrity: Scope

The Minister of IRCC is mandated to protect the health, safety and security of Canadians, while facilitating legitimate travel and integration of newcomers to maximize their contributions to the economy.

Managing the integrity of IRCC’s programs is a shared responsibility

To respond effectively, program integrity measures need to be:

Risk Management & Program Integrity: Current State

Within the Department, high-level operational program integrity risks include:

Current trends that IRCC is managing in collaboration with partners:

Identity Fraud

Inadmissible Clients

System Abuse

Risk Management & Program Integrity: Opportunities

Prioritize program integrity

2021-2023 immigration levels

IRCC digital transformation

Operations sector anti-bias commitments

Risk Management & Program Integrity: Impact of COVID-19

Operational Delivery

COVID-19 led the Department to:

Program Integrity Controls

Necessary changes in operational execution have impeded controls to ensure program integrity:

Operational Response

To ensure program integrity, the Department:

Risk Management & Program Integrity: Key Takeaways




A coordinated and informed risk management regime is essential to responsibly achieve economic growth and maintain confidence in Canada’s immigration system.

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