ARCHIVED – Backgrounder — Frequently asked questions: Fee Returns for Federal Skilled Worker applicants

Q1: How will I know if I am affected by the Jobs, Growth and Long-Term Prosperity Act and if I am entitled to having my fees returned?

If you applied before February 27, 2008, and have not heard from CIC about whether a decision based on Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program selection criteria was made on your application, you could be affected by this new law. CIC encourages those in this situation to fill out this online form (PDF, 1.4 MB) (PDF, 1.52MB) so that their fee return – if they are part of the affected group – can be processed.

If you send us the form and you are not affected by the law, we will advise you that you are not on the list of affected individuals. In that case, processing of your FSW application will continue and you will not receive a fee return.

Q2. How many people will you be returning fees to?

CIC will be returning application processing fees and Right of Permanent Residence Fees (where paid) to approximately 100,000 principal applicants on behalf of themselves, their spouses and dependants. (*Note that the Right of Permanent Residence Fee was formerly called the Right of Landing Fee.)

Q3. Is there any reason why I wouldn’t get my fees returned?

The new law affects FSW applicants who applied before February 27, 2008, did not have a decision based on selection criteria before March 29, 2012, and whose cases were not finalized by June 29, 2012. If an immigration officer refused your application before the law came into force on June 29, 2012, you will not get your money back.

Q4. How do I get my fee return?

Please submit this form (PDF, 1.4 MB) (PDF, 1.52MB) including your current contact information. Upon receipt of your form, CIC’s centralized task force in Ottawa will ensure the mailing address provided is used to mail your cheque. The cheque will be issued in the appropriate currency known to be cashable in your country of residence. The final amount will be based on the exchange rate on the date of cheque issuance.

Q5. How long will it take for me to get my cheque?

Given the number of people affected and the verification processes required to ensure due diligence, CIC expects that it will take some time to process all fee returns.

Most people should get their fees back within six months. There may be longer delays in some cases, such as if:

  1. you live in a country where there are international banking restrictions,
  2. the cheque we issued was lost in the mail or was stolen,
  3. we need more information from you or the visa office to issue the fee return.

Note: CIC will not answer inquiries on the status of your fee return until six months after the day we get the completed form set out in Q4 above.

We will send you an email confirmation when your return of fees payment is issued.

If you have not received your cheque after two months from the date of that email, you may contact us by email. Any inquiries made sooner than this will not be answered.

We appreciate your patience.

Q6. What if my cheque gets lost in the mail?

Please be assured that all the necessary steps in Canada will be taken to ensure that the fee returns successfully reach the intended recipients. However, we cannot be responsible for the mail delivery services of other countries.

If it has been more than two months since you got an email confirmation from us, and you have not received your cheque yet, you may contact us by email so we can follow up as necessary.

Q7. Can I request to have the fee put toward a new application?

No, individuals affected by the new law who wish to submit a new application under the current criteria for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (or any other immigration program) must submit new documentation and fees.


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