ARCHIVED – Backgrounder — Five reasons why we need biometrics

Reason #1

Name: Esron Laing and David Wilson (known as the ‘Yo-Yo Bandits’ because they kept coming back)
Previously Deported: 3 times each
Convicted of: Armed robbery and forcible confinement

Reason #2

Name: Anthony Hakim Saunders
Previously Deported: 10 times
Convicted of: Assault and drug trafficking

Reason #3

Name: Edmund Ezemo
Previously Deported: 8 times
Convicted of: More than 30 counts, including theft and fraud

Reason #4

Name: Kevin Michael Sawyers
Previously Deported: 2 times
Convicted of: Manslaughter

Reason #5

Name: Dale Anthony Wyatt
Previously Deported: 4 times
Convicted of: Trafficking of illegal substances, and possession of illegal weapons

No screening system will prevent 100% of the types of cases described here from entering Canada. The cases noted above are illustrative of the types of cases that could be stopped with the introduction of biometrics screening of temporary residents.


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