ARCHIVED – Notice – Change to Canadian citizenship services in the U.S.

August 20, 2013 — In an effort to streamline the process and reduce wait times for applicants, starting September 2, 2013, Canadian citizens living in the U.S. will be required to send the following applications directly to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Case Processing Centre in Sydney (CPC-Sydney), Nova Scotia, Canada:

  • Application for a Citizenship Certificate – (Proof of Citizenship) Under Section 3  (CIT 0001);
  • Application for a Search of Citizenship Records (CIT 0058);
  • Application to Renounce Canadian Citizenship – Under Subsection 9(1) (CIT 0302);
  • Application to Renounce Canadian Citizenship – R7.1 (for certain persons who acquired citizenship on April 17, 2009) (CIT 0496). 

Sending applications directly to CIC will eliminate the delay in mailing them from the missions to CIC, resulting in faster, more efficient service for Canadian citizens in the U.S.

Only a small number of applicants are expected to be affected by this change.

Also, please note that starting September 2, 2013, CPC-Sydney will send the following to a Canadian citizen’s U.S. address by regular mail, in keeping with the way CPC-Sydney sends items to Canadian citizens in Canada:

  • citizenship certificates
  • results of searches of the citizenship records
  • renunciation certificates

However, if the application was submitted through a Canadian mission in the U.S. prior to September 2, 2013, CPC-Sydney will send the certificate, result of the search of the citizenship records, or renunciation certificate to the Canadian mission. The mission will then forward the document to the Canadian citizen’s U.S. address.


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