Online citizenship applications

Ottawa, August 11, 2021 – Today, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) launched a new website tool that allows citizenship applications to be submitted online.

IRCC had already been developing and testing this new tool, as part of a citizenship modernization initiative, with the goal of making the application process more efficient. The new online application is user-friendly. For example, you can now save partially completed applications and resume them at a later time, upload supporting documents and proof of payment, print a PDF and ask for confirmation of receipt.

Please note that if an applicant has applied on paper, they should not reapply online.

IRCC released the tool in late 2020 to test the platform’s capacity, and is now ready to open the online citizenship application to more cohorts of applicants, using a phased approach.

As of today, August 11, 2021, IRCC has opened its online application to all applicants age 18 and over who

In the future, more people will be able to apply online. We’ll open the online application to the following applicants next:

To apply online, please go to Apply for Canadian citizenship online.

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