ARCHIVED – Notice – Canada lifts the visa requirement for visitors from Chile

November 22, 2014 –As of 12:00 p.m. EST today, Chilean citizens no longer require a visa to visit Canada. This means that Chilean visitors and businesspeople can now stay in Canada for up to six months visa-free, which is consistent with all other visa-exempt travellers.

A recent visa policy review found that Chile meets Canada’s criteria for a visa exemption. This decision is based on a comprehensive assessment that evaluated a number of criteria. These include socio-economic indicators, migration trends, the integrity of travel documents, safety and security issues, border management, human rights, as well as bilateral relations.

The visa exemption will further deepen Canada-Chile relations and lead to increased tourism, as well as increased trade and economic opportunities. In 2013, 10,500 Chilean citizens were issued a visa to visit Canada and approximately 31,000 Canadians visited Chile during the same period.

Chilean citizens who want to work or study in Canada will still need to apply for the appropriate permits, which they can easily do online.

For a complete list of countries and territories whose citizens require a visa, please visit the CIC web site.


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