Biometrics: Making travel easier while keeping Canada safe

Starting in the summer of 2018, when you apply for a visitor visa, study or work permit (except U.S. nationals), or permanent residence you will need to give your biometrics (fingerprints and a photo).

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Transcript: “Biometrics: Making travel easier while keeping Canada safe”

Length: 2:29

The video begins with a spinning globe. The globe slows and stops with Canada highlighted in red.

Narrator: Canada is joining many countries around the world by using biometrics to help make travel easier, while keeping Canada safe.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Biometrics: Making travel easier, while keeping Canada safe

Three grey circles appear over the map of Canada. One has an image of a person, one has an image of a fingerprint, and the third has a simplified image of a camera.

Narrator: Each year, Canada welcomes millions of visitors and accepts hundreds of thousands of students, workers and permanent residents.

The grey circles disappear, and we see a series of arrows originating from other places in the world, and ending on different places on the map of Canada.

The screen changes to a map of Canada only, and a series of dotted lines appear from off screen, terminating at different points on the map of Canada. A mother, son and child appear superimposed over the map.

Narrator: Canada has been shaped by generations of immigrants. Canadians welcome newcomers.

Diverse people appear around the family. A red banner saying “Welcome” appears on the screen. More people appear on the screen – students, travellers, workers.

Narrator: We believe that diversity makes us stronger and we value the contribution of every individual and community across our country. Immigration continues to play a key role in contributing to Canada’s well-being, to our economic prosperity, and to our success as a nation.

The screen changes to an image of a man’s face. A frame and gridlines are superimposed over the face.

TEXT ON SCREEN: BIO body METRICS measurement

Narrator: Biometrics are the measurement of unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints and facial features.

A small image of a fingerprint and a person appear beside the face.

Narrator: We use them to establish and confirm that you are who you say you are.

The screen changes to a smiling woman with a travel carry-on case.

Narrator: If you plan to travel to Canada and need a visa, a study or work permit, or if you apply to be a permanent resident, you will need to give your biometrics.

Two icons appear on each side of the woman, with the labels Visa, Study, Work and Permanent Resident. A map of Canada appears beside her as well, with airplane silhouettes surrounding it.

TEXT ON SCREEN: You need to give your biometrics.

Narrator: This helps immigration and border officials prevent identify theft, spot those who pose a security risk and stop criminals from entering Canada, while facilitating entry into Canada for most travellers.

The screen changes to the image of a man scanning his fingerprints at a modern immigration kiosk. Three icons appear, a masked face inside a circle with a line through it, a padlock, and upright hand gesturing stop, placed in an octagon like a stop sign.


Narrator: We can quickly and accurately confirm your identity when you travel. This makes your entry into Canada easier.

The screen changes to an image of a number of people with suitcases as if they were walking through an airport, a Canadian Flag with the words “Welcome” and “Bienvenue” and a woman talking to an immigration officer at a kiosk.

Narrator: Giving your biometrics is simple and safe:

The screen changes to an image of a man with his hand on a fingerprint scanner.


Narrator: If you apply for a visa or a study or work permit, you can give your biometrics at the same time as you submit your application in person at a Visa Application Centre.

The screen changes to an image of 2 people being served in a Visa Application Centre

TEXT ON SCREEN: Visa Application Centre

Narrator: Temporary residents only need to enroll their biometrics once every 10 years.

An icon of a calendar appears with the words “10 Years” on it.

Narrator: If you apply online or by mail, you can give your biometrics after you submit your application.

The screen changes to the image of a computer with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship website on screen, as well as a mailing envelope addressed to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Apply online or by mail

Narrator: You will get a letter asking you to give your biometrics. This is known as a Biometric Instruction Letter.

The screen changes to an image of an envelope from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, then flips to show a letter inside.

TEXT ON SCREEN: and receive your biometric instruction letter.

Narrator: It takes just a few minutes to scan your fingerprints and take your photo at a biometrics collection point near you.

Screen changes to a close-up of a person with 2 thumbs on the fingerprint scanner, as well as 2 photos stacked on top of one another.

TEXT ON SCREEN: We will scan your fingerprints

TEXT ON SCREEN: and take your photo.

Screen changes to show a location marker above an office building.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Biometrics collection point

Narrator: Once you have done this, we will assess your application.

Screen changes to an image of a green check mark in a circle.

Narrator: Once your application is approved, you can enjoy many years of easy travel to Canada!

Screen changes to an image of a man with a suitcase standing in front of a montage of city skylines from across Canada, with airplanes flying in. A red maple leaf is superimposed over top with the words “Welcome” and “Bienvenue” on it.

Screen changes to a montage of icons superimposed over a background of ones and zeroes: an image of a person, a fingerprint, a computer screen, a camera, a stylized globe, and a padlock.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Biometrics. Coming to Canada? Find out if you need to give biometrics.

TEXT ON SCREEN: The Government of Canada is working in collaboration with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada to ensure appropriate protections are in place when collecting, using and sharing applicants’ personal and biometric information. Find out more at

Background music slowly fades out as screen fades to black.

TEXT ON SCREEN: The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada corporate signature and the copyright message “©Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 2018” are displayed.

Music ends. The Canada wordmark appears in the centre of the screen.

Video fades to black for a final time as the video ends.

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