Ismail Ayyoub: New Canadian and Active Citizen

Ismail Ayyoub, new Canadian and active citizen talks about his appreciation for his new country and his Olympic dreams.

Ismail Ayyoub: New Canadian and Active Citizen

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Transcript: “Ismail Ayyoub: New Canadian and Active Citizen”

Video length: 2:09 minutes

We hear motivational music in the background. We see Ismail smiling and practicing wrestling.

Ismail Ayyoub: My name is Ismail Ayyoub. I am 17 years old right now, and I grew up in Kuwait.

Ismail is shown with his family at a citizenship ceremony taking place at the Canadian Tire Center in Ottawa.

New Canadian citizens, hockey players and fans are shown before an Ottawa Senators game.

Images are shown of the citizenship ceremony.

Ismail Ayyoub: I became a Canadian, in Ottawa last February, at the Ottawa Senators game. My whole family was there except 1 person. My mom, my brother, my sisters, everyone was very happy.

Ismail sits in a high school hallway and speaks directly to the camera.

Text appears: “Ismail Ayyoub — New Canadian and Cadet Pan-American Championships gold medalist”

Ismail Ayyoub: My family was actually able to vote for the first time, which is very, you know, exciting for the family, because we have been here for 6 years and we always wanted to vote, but we couldn’t, but now we can.

A judge is shown speaking at a citizenship ceremony with a crowd of people passing a large Canadian flag.

Ismail is shown at a competition wrestling and winning a match.

Ismail Ayyoub: I won the Pan-Am Games and it felt really good, because I’m like, coming up and I’m like the only Canadian this year to represent Canada at the Pan-Am Games and win the gold.

Ismail is shown practicing wrestling.

Ismail Ayyoub: I’m targeting for the Olympics in 2024. I want to be the youngest Canadian wrestler, athlete, that wins the Olympics, hopefully, you know.

Chris Schrauwen speaks directly to the camera.

Text appears: “Chris Schrauwen – Head coach, National Capital Wrestling Club”

Chris Schrauwen: Ismail obviously is one of our most committed athletes, so in terms of contributing to our community, he’s at every practice, he comes to every tournament that we go to, he helps out with the younger athletes, so he’s often seen at the youth practices. When he’s not wrestling at tournaments, you can often see him cheering on teammates, especially the younger ones.

Ismail is shown talking to coaches and other wrestlers.

Ismail is shown training other wrestlers.

Ismail Ayyoub: Right now, I’m actually helping my high school team, which started me in the wrestling program. I’m helping coach my wrestling team. I’m also in the practice. I train other wrestlers. I try to, you know, help the community as much as I can.

Ismail is shown at a competition, wrestling and winning a match.

Chris Schrauwen: Ismail coming here bringing his own culture but also embracing our culture and having his attitude just shine through on the big stage is… it’s very proud for me. I’m very proud as a Canadian for him.

Ismail talks directly to the camera.

Ismail Ayyoub: Listen all of you. I hope you all get involved in clubs and get in touch with all the community around you, because you want to represent Canada well, and in order for you to do that, you have to start somewhere. So, go Sens go!

The screen fades to black and text appears: “#MyCitizenship – I’m part of it!”

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada corporate signature along with the copyright message “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 2020.” are shown on the screen.

The screen changes to The “Canada” wordmark on a white background.

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