Maggie’s Story Working and Traveling Abroad With International Experience Canada

Maggie highlights the important value that working abroad provided her through new connections, learning cultural differences, travel opportunities, and enhanced soft skills to help her navigate her job and future career.

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Transcript: “Maggie’s Story Working and Traveling Abroad With International Experience Canada”

Video length: 1m 22sec

The video opens on a hand-drawn image of the earth and four travel photos from around the world.

Text displays: International Experience Canada

Narrator: I do a lot of research on the IEC website. I went on and saw all the different countries that you could go to, and I kinda, you know, got out my pros and cons list and saw which ones I wanted to go to.

It cuts to a woman talking in front of an off-white background, with her name and origin in a text box in the bottom left-hand corner.

Text displays: Maggie – Cobourg, ON

Narrator: I got a contract position at Glenmorangie, which is a Scotch distillery over in Scotland. So, it was kind of an incredible experience to work for such a major Scotch distillery company.

Text displays: My Travel Memories

Picture of the countryside – United Kingdom

Picture of the Loch Ness– United Kingdom

Narrator: So, I worked in their head office on their visits support team. I worked with the representatives from Taiwan or New Zealand [or] Canada.

Picture of Maggie in the countryside – Italy

Narrator: It was a great experience that way. It’s not only gonna help me as far as the actual skills I picked up on the job, but it’s also just the soft skills.

Picture of Maggie and two friends with castle ruins in the background – United Kingdom

Narrator: You know, working for a different company in a different country, I think there were definitely learning curves. You know, we were doing an autumn campaign and I kept referring to it as the “fall campaign,” and no one had any idea what I was talking about.

Picture of Maggie and a friend in a harbour – United Kingdom

Picture of Maggie with a castle in the background – Netherlands

Narrator: It’s very difficult along the way, and you get some points where you, you know, you gotta stop and take a break. But you make it, and at the end, it’s something to look back on that’s an incredible achievement.

Picture of Maggie with a friend – United Kingdom

Picture of Maggie and friends with the London Bridge – United Kingdom

Cut to Maggie talking in front of an off-white background.

Narrator: You learn how much you can rely on yourself and how much—how capable you really are.

It then transitions to the text “International Experience Canada” and their tagline, with the logo of the Government of Canada at the bottom of the screen.

Text displays: International Experience Canada – Connecting you to a world of opportunities.

Finally, it transitions to a slide with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada bilingual logo and a copyright notice at the bottom of the screen.

Text displays: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 2020.

It ends with the Canada wordmark on a black background.

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