Welcoming new citizens into our Canadian family: Your success is our success!

Citizenship Judge Suzanne Carrière speaks of the importance of immigration, and of immigrants becoming Canadian citizens. Canada’s strength is its diverse population. Canada’s new citizens’ success is its success as a country.

Welcoming new citizens into our Canadian family: Your success is our success!

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Transcript: “Welcoming new citizens into our Canadian family: Your success is our success!”

Video length: 1:32 minutes

A woman hugs a young girl in front of a Christmas tree. A man and a woman throw snowballs at a child at a park.

Narrator: Canada’s greatest strength is its diverse population.

A man and woman prepare a meal in a house. Children play ice hockey at an arena. Children in a crowd wave Canadian flags.

Narrator: Diversity helps to unite Canadians and makes Canada strong.

Citizenship Judge Suzanne Carrière shakes the hand of a new Canadian citizen at a citizenship ceremony.

Transition to Citizenship Judge Carriere speaking in front of the camera.

Text appears: “Suzanne Carrière – Citizenship Judge”

A man writes in a book in a classroom.

JUDGE CARRIÈRE: “It’s no surprise that Canada continues to be a preferred immigration destination – after all, it’s one of the most welcoming, peaceful, prosperous and diverse countries in the world!”

A group discusses in a classroom. An Indigenous woman speaks at a citizenship ceremony. A woman is deep in thought. A citizenship judge presides an outdoor citizenship ceremony during the summer.

Narrator: Canada is made up of people from more than 200 ethnic origins, 13 of which have a population in Canada of over 1 million.

Two adults and a child discuss and laugh. A child walks into a classroom.

Narrator: Canada helps immigrants to settle and integrate into Canadian society.

Transition to two people shaking hands after a meeting.

Narrator: Their success is our success as a country.

A man walks inside a building.

Narrator: It’s an investment that pays off.

New Canadian citizens takes the oath of citizenship at a citizenship ceremony. A citizenship judge shakes the hand of a new Canadian citizen. A new Canadian citizens waves a Canadian flag at an outdoor ceremony taking place during winter. A man and a woman have a discussion. A woman sits at a table and holds her child at a citizenship ceremony. A woman hands out a maple taffy to a young boy at a sugar shack. New citizens take the Oath of Citizenship at a citizenship ceremony. Citizenship Judge Carrière presents citizenship certificates to the members of a family at a citizenship ceremony.

Narrator: The Government of Canada encourages all immigrants to become Canadian citizens and to become active in their communities, to ensure they benefit from all the privileges of being a full member in Canadian society.

Citizenship Judge Carrière speaks in front of the camera. A citizenship judge presides a ceremony. A citizenship judge presents a certificate to a new Canadian citizen. A citizenship judges takes pictures with a new Canadian citizen. Children play outside in a park during summer time. A man eats a meal with his daughter in his house. A man celebrates his birthday with his family. A man and woman greets each other. A woman in a crowd waves a Canadian flag. A man and a woman in a crowd wave Canadians flags.

JUDGE CARRIÈRE: “I am honoured to officially welcome new members into our Canadian family, and am thrilled to preside at citizenship ceremonies. These ceremonies are a great opportunity for all Canadians, whether born here or elsewhere, to reflect on the rights we enjoy, the values we share, the responsibilities that bind us together, and to take pride in being Canadian!”

A man in a wheelchair plays ball hockey outside with teammates. A citizenship ceremony takes place during summer time near Parliament Hill.

Transition to an outdoor citizenship ceremony taking place on Parliament Hill during winter.

Text appears: “A strong, progressive and free country.”

Narrator: The success of Canada’s immigrants reflects the success of Canada: a strong, progressive and free country.

The screen fades to black and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada corporate signature along with the copyright message “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 2019.” are shown on the screen.

The screen changes to The “Canada” wordmark on a white background.

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