Settlement services for newcomers to Canada

Find the information and services you need for your life in Canada.

Settlement services for newcomers to Canada

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Transcript: “Settlement services for newcomers to Canada”

Video length: 32 seconds

Upbeat music plays in the background.

A map of Canada is shown. On the right side there is a pictogram of a man, a woman, a child and a suitcase.

Narrator: Are you new to Canada?

Small clouds containing text appear on screen.

Narrator: Do you have questions about services available to help you settle in Canada?

Text displays: “Job support?” and “Orientation Services?”

A dotted path makes its way to the pictogram of the man, woman, child and suitcase.

The path then goes to the right and stops on a pictogram of a house and a mobile phone.

Narrator: Did you know that organizations in your community offer settlement services?

Text displays: “Immigrant services”.

An arrow coming out of the mobile phone moves up to an illustration of a male figure behind a desk.

Narrator: Find the information and services you need for your life in Canada.

Four icons appear on screen: a graduation cap, a handshake between a black hand and a white hand, a heart with a cardiograph running through it, and a house.

An illustrated computer screen and a tablet are shown with a Government of Canada website on it.

A hand places a small piece of paper on the screen.

Narrator: Visit to learn more.

Text displays:

A hand is shown drawing a diverse group of people.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada corporate signature and the copyright message “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 2017” are displayed followed by the Canada wordmark, on a white background.

Narrator: A message from the Government of Canada.


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