True North Strong and Free: Guy Gérard Chabe Ngako

Guy Gérard Chabe Ngako says the biggest decision he has ever made was his decision to come to Canada. The Saskatchewan-based teacher, originally from Cameroon, explains why he is now a proud Canadian.

Learn about opportunities to celebrate being Canadian and about Citizenship Week, when we reflect on the value and meaning of citizenship.

True North Strong and Free: Guy Gérard Chabe Ngako

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Transcript: “True North Strong and Free: Guy Gérard Chabe Ngako”

Video length: 1:12 minutes

Upbeat music plays over a background of a word cloud containing the words and phrases: Right to vote, Rule of law, Self-respect, Valour, Heroism, Our home and native land, Respect, Responsibilities, diversity, Opportunity, Federalism, Unity in diversity, Free, Liberty.

White background with text: Our Citizenship. Guy Gérard Ngako Chabe on what it means to be Canadian

Guy Gérard Ngako Chabe appears on screen, outdoors with an athletic track in the background and the caption: “Guy Gérard Ngako Chabe, New Canadian Citizen.”

Guy Gérard Ngako Chabe Narrator (speaking in French): The most important decision (laughter) … that… that I have ever made is the decision to come to Canada, because I think today that all those who decide to come to Canada, those who come to Canada, they’re blessed. It is a blessing for me, because when you see what is going on in the world … around the world, everything that is happening, you realize that Canada, in all this, is a country of peace, integration, people are welcomed, and there is development, there are opportunities. So, I think … without a doubt … today I feel very proud, my family and I, to have chosen Canada and to be here.

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