Citizenship Week: May 13 to 19, 2024

Every year, we take a week to celebrate the rights and responsibilities shared by all Canadian citizens. During Citizenship Week, Canadians across the country and around the world show their pride in their history, culture, achievements and shared citizenship.

 How to celebrate Citizenship Week


Attend an in-person citizenship ceremony

New Canadian citizens take the Oath of Citizenship at ceremonies across the country. Most are open to the public. Welcome new Canadians by attending a ceremony!

Find a ceremony in your area

Get inspired

Find out how immigrants who became Canadian citizens are making a difference in our lives!

From violence to violins: Teaching children life skills through music

Acclaimed violinist Moshe Hammer founded The Hammer Band, a not-for-profit Toronto charity offering free violin lessons to kids in under-resourced communities. His goal? To help children lead positive lives through the power of music.

Bringing communities and cultures together through Bhangra

By dancing Bhangra against the backdrop of beautiful Yukon, Gurdeep Pandher is celebrating life and promoting tourism to the territory.

Welcoming women to technology

Born in Germany, Ulrike Bahr-Gedalia immigrated to Canada from Israel in 2002. She has since become an integral part of Nova Scotia’s effort to bolster the ranks of women in tech jobs.

Discover more inspiring stories of our immigrants

Other ways to celebrate

Celebrate being Canadian

Find out how to celebrate Canadian citizenship.

Find out what Canada means to new citizens

Learn why citizenship matters to new Canadians.

Participate in a reaffirmation ceremony

Reaffirm your commitment to Canada.

Learn about Indigenous peoples

Find out more about Indigenous peoples and cultures.

Learn about Canadian identity and symbols

Get a better understanding of Canadian identity, history, culture and symbols.

Be active in your community

Get involved with your community to make Canada a stronger and more inclusive country.

Learn how #ImmigrationMatters to Canada

Find out how immigrants enrich our communities and contribute to our economy.

 Welcoming new citizens into our Canadian family: Your success is our success

Citizenship Judge Suzanne Carrière speaks of the importance of immigration, and of immigrants becoming Canadian citizens. Canada’s strength is its diverse population. Canada’s new citizens’ success is its success as a country.

Welcoming new citizens into our Canadian family: Your success is our success!

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 Share the celebration!

Use the hashtags #MyCitizenship and #ImmigrationMatters to share your story and Canadian pride.


Use your reclaimed Indigenous name on a citizenship certificate

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