True North Strong and Free: Jonathan Mpunge

From the time he arrived in Moncton, New Brunswick, Jonathan Mpunge felt at home and welcomed. The former refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo explains how the people of Moncton made him feel at ease and why he is now a proud Canadian.

Learn about opportunities to celebrate being Canadian and about Citizenship Week, when we reflect on the value and meaning of citizenship.

Thanks to Hugo Sabourin (YUGZ).

True North Strong and Free: Jonathan Mpunge

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Transcript: “True North Strong and Free: Jonathan Mpunge”

Video length: 0:56 minutes

Upbeat music plays over a background of a word cloud containing the words and phrases: Right to vote, Rule of law, Self-respect, Valour, Heroism, Our home and native land, Respect, Responsibilities, diversity, Opportunity, Federalism, Unity in diversity, Free, Liberty.

White background with text: Our Citizenship. Jonathan Mpunge on what it means to be Canadian

Jonathan Mpunge appears on screen, seated in a room with brightly coloured childrens’ art hanging on the walls and the caption: “Jonathan Mpunge, New Canadian Citizen”.

Narrator, JONATHAN MPUNGE (speaking in French): I am proud to be Canadian because it… I think that Canada is a people, a friendly people, a welcoming people. And I am proud to belong to these people because it’s not everywhere in the world where you can go and feel at ease as if you were home. And I think, I believe that here in Moncton, in particular, when you first arrive, the people don’t really treat you like a newcomer. They treat you like one of them. That is why I am proud to be Canadian.

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