True North Strong and Free: Rojas Family

Juan, Andres and hockey-playing 7-year-old Gabriel Rojas, all from Colombia, explain why they are proud Canadians: a beautiful country with seemingly limitless possibilities.

Learn more about celebrating being Canadian and Citizenship Week, when we reflect on the value and meaning of citizenship.

True North Strong and Free: Rojas Family

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Transcript: “True North Strong and Free: Rojas Family”

Video length: 1:50 minutes

(Montage of words representing Canada)

(Title appears: Our Citizenship)

(Title appears: The Rojas brothers and Gabriel on what it means to be Canadian)

(Andres and his brother Juan are seated on a bench with Andres’ son sitting between them holding their hands)

(Title appears: ANDRES ROJAS (New Canadian citizen))

Why am I proud of being a Canadian? Pretty much the reason is my son Gabriel. Canada gave me the opportunity, the chance of giving him the best possible future.

(closeup of Andres, an image of a hockey player fades in and out beside him)

It doesn’t matter whatever he wants to be. Into sports or a doctor, engineer, whatever.

(images of a doctor with a patient on an examination table fades in and out)

I know that he will be able to achieve the best of him.

(image of a businessman and an engineer on a construction site fades in and out)

…He’s gonna be able to go as far as he wants to go and right now, he speaks fluently English…

(video cuts back to Juan, Andres and Gabriel)

…he’s learning French; you know, Spanish. So is doing amazing. As well as I can ask for it, that’s what I’m very proud of, being able to provide the chance in that great future…

(Title appears: GABRIEL JOSE ROJAS (new Canadian citizen))

Well, in winter I play hockey. And I’m a goalie. It’s three years I play hockey and I want to see the Senators play.

(Title appears: JUAN DAVID ROJAS (New Canadian citizen))

For me is happiness. Happiness to finally becoming a full member of this family.

(closeup of Juan, images of many silhouetted people fades in and out beside him)

A family that is composed of members that they don’t share the same colour or the same religion, maybe the same belief, but will share the same principles and values like fairness, justice, democracy.

(video cuts back to Juan, Andres and Gabriel)

It’s also a country that is beautiful, that has great outdoors. But it’s only his people. Like Canada is multiculturalism. Canada is all of us.

(closeup of Juan)

Why are you proud of being Canadian?

(Citizenship and Immigration Canada wordmark appears)

(Government of Canada wordmark appears)


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