True North Strong and Free: Tahina Rabezanahary

She always dreamed of visiting Canada. Eventually, she came as an international student. Hear from Tahina Rabezanahary and why the day she became a Canadian citizen was the proudest of her life.

Learn more about celebrating being Canadian and Citizenship Week, when we reflect on the value and meaning of citizenship.

True North Strong and Free: Tahina Rabezanahary

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Transcript: “True North Strong and Free: Tahina Rabezanahary”

Video length: 1:12 minutes

(Montage of words representing Canada)

(Title appears: Our Citizenship)

(Title appears: Being Canadian. What it means to Tahina Rabezanahary.)

(closeup of Tahina, who is seated while talking)

(Title appears: TAHINA RABEZANAHARY (new Canadian citizen))

I travel a great deal for work, and one question people often ask me is, but where are you from. I often answer that I am from Canada, I am Canadian. I can see on peoples’ faces that beautiful smile…

(image of Canadian flag fades in and out)

…that appreciation of Canada and Canadians. We have a good reputation abroad. But the question always refers back to my origins: but where were you born? What is your country of origin? And I always answer: I am from Madagascar…

(map of Madagascar fades in and out)

…I was born in Madagascar, but now I live in Canada and I am Canadian. And all this, in fact, reflects this image of the Canadian family…

(image of hands in a circle around the globe fades in and out)

Where we all come from different parts of the country or different corners of the world, but we are all part of the big Canadian family. And you? Why are you proud to be Canadian?

(Citizenship and Immigration Canada wordmark appears)

(Government of Canada wordmark appears)


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