Who qualifies for a waiver

We’ll only approve a waiver if your situation meets certain criteria. On this page, we’ll explain what reasons are valid for requesting a waiver.

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Check the requirements for your age group

Not all age groups have the same requirements for citizenship.

In these situations, you don’t need to request a waiver.

Valid reasons for a waiver (compassionate grounds)

We’ll consider your reason for requesting a waiver valid if your situation meets our criteria for compassionate grounds.

The criteria for the test and language requirements are different from the oath.

Test and language requirements

Every applicant between 18 and 54 years old when they sign the application must take the citizenship test and prove their language skills in English or French.

You can request a waiver if you have a medical or non-medical situation (or both) that meets our criteria. For example:

Oath of citizenship

Every applicant aged 14 and above need to take the oath of citizenship. This is the last step in the process to become a Canadian citizen.

An applicant only qualifies for an oath waiver if they can’t understand it due to a mental disability (like an intellectual or a developmental disability). For example, they don’t understand that taking the oath makes them a Canadian citizen.

Invalid reasons for a waiver

Time and cost aren’t valid reasons for a waiver. For example, we can’t give a waiver because of the

Asking for more than 1 waiver

Depending on the situation, you can request a waiver for more than 1 requirement. For example:

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