Flight information for Ukrainians

Don’t book a flight until you have all your travel documents.

You and your family members can book a commercial flight to Canada as soon as you’re ready to travel. Commercial flights come at your own cost, and they give you the flexibility to choose the airline, date, flight time and destination in Canada that works best for you.

Flight support

Over the past year, we’ve worked with airlines and created partnerships with organizations to help Ukrainians come to Canada.

Below are some of the initiatives that have been developed to provide support for flights.

Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund

The Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund has ended.

If you’ve registered for a flight and have questions, you can contact Miles4Migrants.

The Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund was a partnership between the Government of Canada and Miles4Migrants, The Shapiro Foundation, Air Canada and the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto.

Canadians and Canadian businesses could donate travel points or cash to this fund. These donations were used to give free flights to Ukrainians and their family members who were in need of travel support.

Government of Canada charter flights

The Government of Canada provided 3 charter flights from Poland to the destinations below. All 3 flights have arrived in Canada.

There are no Government of Canada charter flights available at this time.

Winnipeg Arrived

  • arrived: May 23, 2022

Montréal Arrived

  • arrived: May 29, 2022

Halifax Arrived

  • arrived: June 2, 2022

Photos from the charter flights

See photos and arrival information from the Government of Canada charters flights.

Before you fly

To help you get ready to travel to Canada, learn more about

  • documents you should bring with you
  • what you can bring across the border
  • finding a place to live

Find out more about what to do before you leave.

When you’re in Canada

To help you while you stay in Canada, learn about

  • newcomer services available to you in Canada
  • setting up a bank account
  • getting a social insurance number so you can start working
  • how to access health care
  • putting your children in school

Find out more about what to do in your first 2 weeks in Canada.

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