Ukrainians – Welcome to Canada: Finding a job

Finding a job is an important step toward starting your new life in Canada. Many businesses are looking to hire Ukrainian newcomers. There are specific job sites and supports to help you find work.

What you need to work in Canada

To work in Canada, you need a

How to apply for a SIN

You can apply for a SIN online. You can also apply in person, but you may have to wait in line. Because of this, we recommend applying online.

Apply for a SIN (opens in a new tab) 

If you want to submit your application in person

You can ask for an appointment using the service request form (opens in a new tab) .

How to find a job

Many Canadian employers are posting jobs specifically for Ukrainians on Job Bank. You can also look at jobs that are advertised to everyone in Canada.

Search jobs specifically for Ukrainian nationals (opens in a new tab) 

Search all jobs (opens in a new tab) 

Contact us through the web form if you want some help using Job Bank.

In the comments section of the form, tell us you’re a Ukrainian national looking for a job. This will let us know what your situation is so we can help you more easily.

There are other tools on Job Bank that you can use in your search for work:

Get help in different provinces and territories

Learn more about how to get different kinds of help in

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