Immediate or extended family or de facto dependant of a resettled Yazidi or survivor of Daesh

Some immediate family, extended family, or de facto dependants of resettled Yazidis and survivors of Daesh in Canada may be able to immigrate here under a new public policy.

Who can apply

People applying to come to Canada

You can apply to come to Canada if you’re an immediate or extended family member or de facto dependant of a previously resettled Yazidi or survivor of Daesh who:

To be eligible under this special program

  1. the privately sponsored Yazidi must have come to Canada as a refugee under the survivors of Daesh initiative that:
    • was put in place through the October 25, 2016 motion adopted at the House of Commons
    • committed Canada to resettle 1,200 survivors of Daesh by the end of 2017


  1. government-assisted refugees must have come to Canada under either the 2017 or 2019 public policy, as part of the survivors of Daesh initiative.

Your relationship to the survivor

You must be either:

Other requirements

You must also:

Applicants under 18

If you’re under 18 years old on the date you apply, you must have a best interests determination document from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

This document confirms that it’s in your best interest to be under the care of family in Canada.

Being admissible to Canada

You and your family members must be admissible to Canada to be approved for permanent residence. Make sure you know how you could be inadmissible to Canada.

We’ve received a large number of web form submissions with the keyword IRQ2023 for this program. We’re reviewing the submissions in the order we received them, and may already have enough to fill the available places.

If your submission is ready to move forward, we’ll send you more information about the application process for your family member(s) overseas.

If we fill the available spaces before we get to your submission, we’ll contact you to let you know your submission will not move forward.

After you submit

Once you submit the name and contact information of your family member(s) or de facto dependant(s) and your identifying information:

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