International Metropolis Conference 2019: About the conference

On behalf of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the International Steering Committee and the International Metropolis Project team, we would like to thank everyone who attended. We hope you enjoyed the conference program, cultural moments/experiences, social events and all that Ottawa had to offer.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada hosted the International Metropolis Conference 2019, the largest annual international gathering of world experts from academia, governments and civil society in the fields of migration, integration and diversity. The conference’s program reflected both Canadian and international strategies regarding immigration, integration, diversity and inclusion.

International migration is at the top of the policy agenda for many countries. The conference provided delegates from around the world the opportunity to exchange research and best practices and to forge new partnerships through open dialogue.

The conference took place in 2 cities in a bilingual region.

 Final report

Find out what happened at the conference, the plenary sessions and the workshops, and learn more about feedback from delegates, media coverage and statistics.

Metropolis project

The International Metropolis Project is the largest international network of researchers, policy makers and community groups engaged in identifying, understanding and responding to developments in migration and diversity.

Metropolis events have been effective in connecting researchers, key decision makers and practitioners around the globe, facilitating the production and effective communication of policy-relevant knowledge among different stakeholders since the mid-1990s. The Metropolis network has steadily developed to include partners in North America, Europe and Australia, with a growing presence in Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.

In a world increasingly characterized by international mobility and large regional displacements, there’s an urgent need to exchange scientific knowledge about migration and diversity, and to share experiences, challenges and best practices in their management. The goals of the Metropolis project are to enable such dialogue and serve the interests of all parties involved in the migration process.

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Organizing committee 2019

International Metropolis Steering Committee

Paul Spoonley, Co-chair
Jan Rath, Co-chair

IRCC Champion, International Metropolis Project

Paul MacKinnon, Assistant Deputy Minister, IRCC

IRCC International Conference Steering Committee

Ümit Kiziltan, Director General and Head of Evaluation / Research and Evaluation
Howard Duncan, Executive Head, International Metropolis Secretariat, Carleton University
Dan Hiebert, University of British Columbia
Carl Nicholson, Civil Society
Mireille Paquet, Concordia
Corinne Prince, Director General, Settlement Integration Program
Bruce Scoffield, Director General, International Network

International Metropolis Conference Project 2019

Enrico W. del Castello, Director

International Metropolis Conference Project 2019 Secretariat

Randy Orr, International Senior Advisor
Sheila Watson, Deputy Director
Marie-Pierre Hamel, Senior Policy Analyst
Deborah Coldwell, Communications Liaison
Klodiana Puro, Conference Liaison Officer
Mihaela Vieru, Senior Analyst
Noëlle Lazaro, Policy Analyst
Cora Zilli, Logistic and Cultural Programs Coordinator
Christine Quintal, Assistant to the Director

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