About Canada’s refugee system

How the system works, key data, and what we do to meet our humanitarian commitments.

Services and information

How Canada’s refugee system works

Learn about the two programs to help refugees claim protection from in and outside Canada, and how we help refugees and other newcomers settle and integrate

Key figures on asylum claims

Asylum claimants processed by CBSA, IRCC and RCMP

Irregular border crossings and asylum in Canada

How the asylum process works and how we keep Canada secure while keeping our humanitarian commitments

How Canada supports LGBTQI+ people needing protection

Canada is recognized around the world for leadership in giving safe haven to LGBTQI+ people

Helping Syrian refugees

Find out how Canada welcomed Syrian refugees, read stories from the journey, see stats, and learn how Canadians helped


Stories from former refugees

Watch inspirational stories from former refugees about coming to Canada.

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