#WelcomeRefugees: The first 25,000 – Phase 2

Selecting and processing Syrian refugees overseas

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Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, Canada has contributed to humanitarian efforts and is continuing this support by contributing an additional $100 million dollars to the UNHCR.

We processed interested refugees in dedicated visa offices in Amman and Beirut. Visa processing capacity was also enhanced in Turkey.

We deployed about 500 staff, including temporary visa officers, to these offices.

Refugees were interviewed by professional, experienced visa officers, who collected information needed to issue visas.

Immigration processing, including full immigration medical exams and security screening, was done overseas. Security screening included collecting biographical information, and biometrics (such as fingerprints and digital photos) which were checked against immigration, law enforcement and security databases.

Refugees were then given permanent resident visas and their flights to Canada were arranged.

Security and health screening

Each Syrian refugee went through robust, multi-layered screening before they came to Canada. This included collecting biometrics.

Find out more about security and health screening.

Sponsor Syrian refugees

There are a few ways to sponsor refugees. Find out which way works best for you.

Journey to Canada: a brighter future

Since arriving in Canada, Okach and his family have finally experienced the freedom they were looking for.

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