Education is a fundamental right: The story of Najibullah Sorosh

Najibullah Sorosh

For Najibullah Sorosh, an Afghan refugee now settled in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, education is essential to a progressive society. In Afghanistan, Najibullah dedicated more than 20 years to educating children, including girls. His deep-rooted passion for equal access to education was key to his success. He helped found Marefat High School and Pegah High School, with the mission to include critical thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship in the curricula. The 2 high schools, with a student population of nearly 50% girls, also provided a wide variety of programs, such as sports, crafts, arts, debate and language learning.

August 15, 2021, will remain a dark day for Afghans, including Najibullah. Shortly after Kabul fell, he and his family left the city, in fear for their lives. During the chaotic escape, they witnessed an explosion, hid from the Taliban for days and finally made their way to safety in northern Afghanistan. They arrived in Saskatchewan in September 2021.

Shortly after his arrival, Najibullah found work as an interpreter in Saskatoon for Global Gathering Place, which offers support for refugees and immigrants. He then found work as a settlement counselor at the YWCA Prince Albert. Najibullah quickly learned about work culture in Canada and how to help other Afghan families integrate into Canadian society.

Since settling in Prince Albert with his family, he has begun to dream for his children’s future again. They’re attending school and making new friends. While his heart still beats for Afghanistan and for his former students, he hopes the fight for the right to an education for all will continue. Najibullah remains optimistic and plans to continue his own education in Canada. Through education, he can build a brighter future for himself and his children.

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