Humanitarian program for Afghan nationals in need of resettlement: How the program works

We’re working with trusted international and Canadian partners to implement this new humanitarian program.

We’ve received enough applications to fill all spots for this special program. We’ll continue to prioritize processing all eligible applications.

The program is resettling Afghan nationals in 2 ways.

1. Government-assisted refugees

Under the government-assisted refugees program, we’ll resettle Afghan nationals to Canada and provide support for up to one year after arrival.

You must be referred to us by one of the following referral partners:

If you’re a human rights defender

There’s currently a high level of need among Afghan human rights defenders. Front Line Defenders and can only refer the human rights defenders who are most at risk. For these organizations to consider you for referral, it’s expected that you

2. Privately sponsored refugees

You can also resettle to Canada if a group sponsors you as a refugee. Sponsors could be either

Sponsor groups would support you for the sponsorship period, which is usually up to 1 year. Their support includes

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