Welcoming 25,000 Syrian refugees in 100 days

Operation Syrian Refugees (OSR) was a success thanks to individuals from all walks of life, working together to find creative ways to contact, interview, process and transport 25,000 Syrian refugees in 100 days.

Meet some of the people involved in OSR, learn how Syrians are doing in Canada and learn about the planning behind it all.

Operation Syrian Refugees

Phase 1 – Identifying Syrian refugees to come to Canada
How we worked with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and private sponsors to find Syrian refugees in need.

Phase 2 – Processing Syrian refugees overseas
How we managed to process so many refugees in such a short time.

Phase 3 – Transportation to Canada
What it looked like to safely transport 25,000 Syrian refugees across the world.

Phase 4 – Welcoming in Canada
Moving your whole life to a new country isn’t easy at the best of times. Find out what we did to make sure the OSR refugees felt welcome.

Phase 5 – Settlement and community integration
Getting them here safely is one thing. Making sure they thrive and prosper is another. See how we set up OSR refugees to succeed in their new home.

Meet the refugees of OSR
OSR was about people. Meet the refugees we helped through their stories and photos.

Stories from the journey
Welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada was a historic effort, and we want to share some stories, videos and photos of the journey and everyone who helped make it happen.

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