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We’re not currently accepting applications.

As of May 06, 2024, we may have received enough applications to fill the available spaces. We’re assessing the ones that have already been submitted.

We’ll post more information on this page if we start to accept applications again for this category.

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Who can submit an application

To be eligible to apply, you must

You can apply if your spouse or common-law partner

Who can be an anchor

An “anchor” is an extended family member who agrees to support you for your first year in Canada.

Your anchor must

They must not be

What an anchor does

Your anchor must agree to support you for 1 year to help you settle and integrate. This includes providing financial support for basic needs, including housing, food, clothing and other basic necessities of life.

They need to show they have enough income or funds to support you financially based on the financial requirements.

They must sign an official document, called a statutory declaration, stating they promise to

Anchors must also state that they won’t accept money or other payment from you in exchange for being your anchor.

How we’ll support you

If we approve your application, we’ll:

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