Indigenous Advisory Committee

The Indigenous Advisory Committee provides the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (the Agency) with expert advice for the development of key policy and guidance on the impact assessment system.

Nominations for the Committee were sought from August 21 to October 7, 2018. Members were selected in April 2019. The Committee's membership is made up of First Nations, Inuit and Métis individuals. Representation from all three distinct Indigenous peoples helps ensure that the Committee provides a broad and inclusive perspective reflective of the unique rights, interests, priorities and circumstances of the Indigenous peoples in Canada.

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Circle of Experts

The Circle of Experts was established to co-develop a discussion paper with the Agency. This paper will outline the issues and considerations for potential approaches to Indigenous co-administration agreements under the Impact Assessment Act. The discussion paper will be used to open the conversation with Indigenous rights-holders through a national engagement initiative for the development of the proposed Indigenous Impact Assessment Co-Administration Agreement Regulations.

The Circle of Experts functions as a sub-committee of the Indigenous Advisory Committee. It includes First Nations, Métis and Inuit individuals, as well as experts recommended by Indigenous individuals and organizations. The views expressed by each member comes from their own experience and knowledge.

The Agency also has a Technical Advisory Committee on Science and Knowledge which provides expert advice on topics related to impact assessments, as well as regional and strategic assessments.

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