Indigenous Impact Assessment Co-Administration Agreement Regulations

The Impact Assessment Act (the IAA) provides opportunities for the Government of Canada to work in partnership with Indigenous Peoples throughout the federal impact assessment process.

One potential opportunity for partnership is through Indigenous co-administration agreements. Through these agreements, negotiated with the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Indigenous governing bodies or co-management bodies would exercise certain powers, duties and functions under the IAA related to federal impact assessments on specified lands. Before entering into these agreements, regulations must first be in place.

Formerly referred to as “Indigenous cooperation agreements”, co-administration agreements would provide an additional mechanism for partnership with Indigenous Peoples that better aligns with Indigenous governance, stewardship rights and responsibilities. These long-term agreements would provide certainty for all parties about Indigenous decision-making roles during future impact assessments of projects on lands specified in the agreements.

The Agency is committed to developing a regulatory and policy approach for co-administration agreements in consultation and cooperation with Indigenous Peoples.

How is the Agency consulting and collaborating with Indigenous Peoples?

The Agency consulted the Indigenous Advisory Committee as well as national and regional Indigenous representatives on the approach to regulatory and policy development.

The Agency is working towards the following goals:

What are the steps towards developing regulations and supporting policies?

Is there funding available to support engagement on this initiative?

For information and updates on funding opportunities to support engagement, visit our Funding Programs page.

More information

For more information on the regulatory development process, please see the Department of Justice’s overview of how new laws and regulations are created.

For general information on how Indigenous Peoples are involved in impact assessment, visit Participation of Indigenous Peoples in Impact Assessment on the Agency’s website.

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