Funding Programs

Funding is now available through our Indigenous Capacity Support Program. Applications will be accepted until March 5, 2024.

The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada administers four funding programs. These programs aim to support various groups, including members of the public, scientists and Indigenous peoples to play a more active role in assessments and policy development.

More specifically, these programs are designed to:

  • support research;
  • build capacity for Indigenous groups to participate in current and future assessments; and
  • reduce financial barriers for people across Canada to participate in various assessments and policy development.

Funding Programs

  • Participant Funding Program

    The Participant Funding Program helps the public and Indigenous peoples participate and share valuable insight, perspectives and knowledge during an assessment process.

    Supporting the participation of the public and Indigenous groups by reducing financial barriers means that assessments can be more open, balanced, credible and of higher quality.

    Consult the Participant Funding Program page for more details.

  • Policy Dialogue Program

    The Policy Dialogue Program helps the public and Indigenous peoples share their expertise or provide Indigenous knowledge relevant to the development of policies, methodologies or tools related to assessments.

    Consult the Policy Dialogue Program page for more details.

  • Indigenous Capacity Support Program

    The Indigenous Capacity Support Program provides funding to Indigenous communities and organizations to support capacity building in Indigenous communities so they can better participate in current and future assessments. This funding is provided outside the context of specific project reviews.

    Consult the Indigenous Capacity Support Program page for more details.

  • Research Program

    The Research Program aims to advance the science of assessments by supporting research on best practices using a multidisciplinary approach, forging partnerships and sharing ideas. This work helps Canada remain a world leader in conducting robust assessments that support sustainable development.

    Consult the Research Program page for more details

More information

For a detailed breakdown of this year’s funding recipients, please refer to the Government of Canada’s Proactive Disclosure website.

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